Certified Athletic Therapist & Registered Massage Therapist

Amjad excelled in athletics from a young age. Growing up, he watched the best athletes in the world, observing their performances, and wondering what it took to perform at their elite level consistently. Soccer and basketball were his most-played sports growing up. His experience going through his own personal sport injuries introduced him to the field of Sport Medicine. He learned that musculoskeletal injuries are causal and require specialized physical rehabilitation to fully recover from. To further educate himself in the field of Sport Medicine, he completed a Human Kinetics degree at University of Ottawa, then went on to complete a second degree in Athletic Therapy at Sheridan College. He has also completed Massage Therapy School, and other courses in Fascial Stretch Therapy and Neural Tissue Mobilization.

As a Certified Athletic Therapist and Registered Massage Therapist, Amjad helps the active population stay injury-free, return to their sports and physical activities following an injury, as well as achieve peak performances. He has helped patients manage the following conditions: post-whiplash syndrome, L4-S1 discopathy, sciatica, hip replacement post-operative rehabilitation, rotator cuff injury, shoulder impingement syndrome, tennis and golfer’s elbow, patellofemoral pain syndrome, quad tendon repair post-operative rehabilitation, muscle and ligament injuries, ankle sprains/instability, and general muscle tightness.

His treatment techniques can include soft tissue manipulation, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretching technique, muscle energy technique, and active exercise coaching.

He enjoys outdoor running, cycling, soccer, basketball, and the subjects of Human Anatomy and Human Biomechanics. His goal is to help everyone stay healthy and active, be able to enjoy sports and physical activity, and to achieve their personal best in them. He dedicates his treatment successes to his past instructors and mentors.

  • Honours Bachelor of Applied Health Science, Athletic Therapy, Sheridan College
  • Honours Bachelor of Science, Human Kinetics, University of Ottawa
  • Advanced Standing Massage Therapy Diploma, Sutherland-Chan School
  • Certified Athletic Therapist, Canadian Athletic Therapy Association
  • Registered Kinesiologist, College of Kinesiologist of Ontario
  • Registered Massage Therapist, College of Massage Therapy
  • Mobilization of Neuroimmune System
  • Fascial Stretch Therapist Level 1
  • Soft Tissue Release Training Level 1
  • TRX Suspension Training Certified
  • Olympic Weightlifting Training
  • Emergency First Aid/CPR Level HCP/AED Responder

Where there is a will, there is a way.

  • Treatment of Spine, Upper, and Lower Extremity Injuries and Conditions
  • Correcting Biomechanics to improve functional movement and performance
  • Improving flexibility, strength, and balanced movement